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Posting Rules:

Also, DO NOT inquire about:

• Copyrighted sets and videos;


• Underage models too explicit (excessive thongs, see-through clothing such as sheer, and/or semi-nudity or full nudity);
• Materials from forbidden photographers/studios that been arrested/closed by court or under investigation;
Please to push button REPORT anything you see which contravenes the list below, the quicker we remove it the less trouble for EroForum!

1. DO NOT request or inquire about child models (-13yo models);

»» DO NOT post preteen models (under 13y) in ♥ NON-NUDE TEEN BABES FANCLUB ♥ subforum;

»» Please, check our Forbidden to Post list before start any thread;

»» All artistic work contained on this website abides by US and International Laws and does not contain lewd, obscene, or lascivious poses nor anything sexually explicit; therefore, USC Title 18-I, Ch. 110, §2257 does not apply. For applicable regulations, refer to §2256.

»» Remember: this is a legal and free community. If you are offended by non nude teen modeling or legal adult nude models, please leave.

2. DO NOT post underage nudity, semi-nudity, or excessive see-through in NoNude Galleries sections;

3. Some nudity is allowed if model is 18yo or older. Hardcore, hurtcore, bondage or any pornographic content is forbidden!;

»» DO NOT post models/amateurs above 30yo.
»» DO NOT post male models/amateurs.

»» DO NOT Under-age ( content included, NO Stickam webcam recordings or Pablolapiedra material)
»» DO NOT Animal (zoophilia)
»» DO NOT Gay / bisexual
»» DO NOT Death (snuff)
»» DO NOT Scat/Shit
»» DO NOT Rape porn/Forced sex
»» DO NOT Pising
»» DO NOT Warez
»» DO NOT Mainstream movies (Hollywood blockbuster etc.)

This list is not conclusive. We reserve the right to take appropriate action for content not covered by the list. EroForum is not a forum for extreme or illegal porn. Ask if you are in doubt.

4. Only open new topics if you can't find the related model/agency. Use option, to keep board organized. Post your topics in correct forums (agencies). Each sub-forum have their own rule. Read it before posting!

»» Some forums are locked for new topics, to avoid repeated threads. Contact support if you want to open a new topic and can't find model.

5. If you found a broken link or illegal content, use buttons below each topic to make a report.

»» Please do not clutter up topics with posts like "links are dead" or "password doesn't work"; use the broken link button to contact the poster directly via private message so s/he can fix the issue.

6. DO NOT post "premium only" download links. Your post will be deleted and you'll be warned/banned;

7. DO NOT post banned/illegal agencies models and sets. Your post will be deleted and you'll be warned/banned;
»» Please, check our Forbidden to Post list before start any thread;

9. Post Appearance
9.0 Please use theme prefixes.
9.1 A post with a video must contain:
  • Screenshot list with at least 4 images for a short video and at least 12 for a movie.
  • File Information in text - quality, format, video length, resolution, file size. This information needs to be accessible without having to click on images
  • (For example: Size: 951 MB | Format: wmv | Duration: 00:26:13 | Resolution: 1280x720).
  • Description, if one exists.
9.2 Posts with sets of images must contain:

  • Information in text about quality and quantity of images in a set, file size
  • (For example: Resolution: 900 x 1200 | 60 Pics | Size: 12.6 MB).
  • 3 sample images (previews) (maximum 15).
9.3 If you want to post image galleries, you must have a minimum of 6 images. You are allowed to create external albums and link them to your topic, but you must post at least 3 preview pics.

»» When creating previews, please use thumbnails larger than 180px.

9.4 Do not split files into a large number of parts: [

  • Do not split files that are less than 200 MB.
  • Files from 400 MB to 600 MB don't split with more than 2 parts.
  • Files from 600 MB to 900 MB don't split with more than 3 parts.
  • Files from 900 MB to 1200 MB don't split with more than 4 parts.
  • Files from 1200 MB to 1500 MB don't split with more than 5 parts.
  • Files from 1500 MB to 1800 MB don't split with more than 6 parts.
  • Files from 1800 MB to 2100 MB don't split with more than 7 parts.
  • Files larger than 2100 MB don't split with more than 8 parts unless each part is 1024MB in size and is part of a Blu-ray movie.

11 No Spam or Adverstising

11.1 You can't advertise any of the 3rd party sites in your profile, signature, screenshots, in names of files or in archives. Also don't forget it is forbidden to place links/banners to any 3rd party sites on your picture hosts and/or file hosts pages.

11.2 Using logos of any of the allowed file or picture hosts is not allowed.

11.3 You may not use refferal/affiliate links of any of the file or picture hosts.

Admins and Moderators decisions are final

The site operator and appointed moderators reserve the right to take any action they feel appropriate should any member breach any of the above rules and to take any actions they feel appropriate in circumstances not covered by the above rules in order to protect the interests and harmony of the site operator, Forumophilia and its members. The decisions of the site operator and appointed moderators are final and dissention or abuse over their actions will not be tolerated.

Read all our rules and legal notice here Requests of any nude set/video or pics of any underage girl will result in an immediately ban by username, email & IP.
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